A young woman stands before you, mumbling incoherently under her breath. She seems to be enraptured by her work. Every few seconds she looks away from the wall inscriptions to scribble something on her note pad, completely ignoring you. Eventually you decide to clear your throat to get her attention as it seems she will go on ignoring you if you don't do something. As you begin to clear your throat, she turns around quite suddenly, and is so startled by your pressence she falls to the floor. Noticing her bedraggled appearance you offer your hand to help her up.

"Oh! i'm sorry I didn't see you there! You see I've been terribly busy deciphering these readings, after all I'm sure these will be a wonderful tourist attraction someday. But that's far in the future.

So, may I ask why you're here? You aren't from the bank, are you? Because I swear when I bought this land I hadn't known, these wonderous artifacts were here!...

Oh you aren't? May I ask why you're here then? Oh, no wait nevermind, You probably heard about my wonderful discovery, and decided to come here to learn more about these fascinating civilizations. Like did you know that the creatures we'd call fawns, elves, and fairies actually existed. Not only that but several others existed too!

What?! No I'm not crazy. I may be many things but crazy is not one of them! What, you didn't call me crazy? Oh, I'm sorry, it's just many people have been calling me that lately.

Anyway why don't you take a look around why I continue my work here. Call me if you need me!"

The young woman goes back to her work, once again enraptured by the scribbles on the wall. You have a feeling that even if you needed to talk to her, she wouldn't be able to hear you.